About Us 

In 2011, Ben and Candace Curtis came across a television special on hunger. The program opened their eyes as to how much of an issue hunger is in America. After some research, the couple discovered it was a problem in their own backyard. It turns out that more than half of the students in the Kent, Ohio school district are on some sort of food subsidy program.

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Soon thereafter, they made the decision to start the Ben Curtis Family Foundation.

"We believe in connecting with local communities to help children succeed." 

The main goal of The Ben Curtis Family Foundation is to help alleviate childhood hunger. Numerous studies have shown that when children go to school on a full stomach, they are better able to focus on what they are learning.

Based on this knowledge, the Foundation developed the Birdie Bags concept, which contains nine meals and six snacks. The bags are designed to go home with students on each of the 10 long weekends throughout the year. The Foundation relies on as many local resources as possible to obtain the food necessary to fill the bags.

The program started with one elementary school and has now grown to include nearly 920 children in six schools.

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