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Ben's wife, Candace, shares their story and how the foundation began

The Ben Curtis Family Foundation was established in January 2013.  But the events leading to its creation began several years prior.  Ultimately, the lure of home and the desire to make a difference combined to clearly define our objective: lessen hunger among children in our community. 

There was no better place to grow up than Kent, Ohio.  I was surrounded by people who are warm, generous and tolerant of individual differences.  These values are the main reason we chose to raise our family here.  After graduating from Theodore Roosevelt High School in 1998, I went on to earn my BA in Marketing at Kent State University in 2002.  While there, I walked on to the women's golf team and soon met the man I would marry. 

Ben also grew up in a small Ohio town - Ostrander - just north of Columbus.  He graduated from Buckeye Valley High School in 1996, and received a golf scholarship to Kent State, where he played for hall-of-fame coach Herb Page.  He was a three-time All-American and graduated in 2000.

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