Very Merry Dinner Feedback Families Survey

We’d like to learn more about your experience being involved in our Very Merry Dinner event. Thank you for your time and feedback. (Your answers may be used for marketing purposes.)
Was this your first time participating in a Very Merry Dinner?
On the Needs and Wants section of our website, were there:
Currently we offer six choices for both Needs and Wants. Would offering four be better?
Do you think our selection of items to choose from in both categories are items that your child(ren) would like?
When selecting items for you child, would you rather have specific choices or general choices? For example, Nike tennis shoes vs. tennis shoes.
How did you fill out your wishlist?
Which one of these methods is the best way to communicate with you?
Did someone from your child’s school talk to you about A Very Merry Dinner and walk you through the process of filling out and submitting a wishlist?
Would you like to see the event (drive through) take place on a weeknight instead of the weekend at the same location?
Did you find the drive through process easy?
Was the information on your child(ren)’s gifts correct? (ie the tag on the red bag and the presents)
Was there enough food for your family?