Very Merry Dinner Feedback Schools Survey

Thank you for partnering with the Ben Curtis Family Foundation’s A Very Merry Dinner event. Your feedback will help us improve our processes so that your students and their families will continue to benefit.

This section pertains to the Pre-Event stage of the Very Merry Dinner:

Once you send the initial invite to a child, is two weeks enough time to expect a response from the parent/guardian?
Based on last year (2022), do you want more or less spots to distribute to families in your school?
Would you like to be able to cancel the link if the parent hasn’t logged in after 1 week? This way you could invite another family?
How do you contact the family to let them know that they have been nominated for the event?

We are considering this option: Emailing the Valet Ticket directly to families instead of sending paperwork home with the child.

Do you think this is an effective new process?

This section is to be completed by Schools and pertains to the Event stage of the Very Merry Dinner:

To help at our Very Merry Dinner Event, do you think that the Foundation had:
What do you think is the correct amount of time allotted to families for their pick up?

Were there any issues, problems or concerns that took place after the event that you had to address without assistance from the Foundation? If so, please explain here so we can learn and prepare a solution for the next event: