Help Alleviate Food Insecurity

1 in 5 Children
Face Food

Students with school bags

Ben and Candace Curtis learned about food insecurity – being uncertain where your next meal comes from. This makes children in our northeast Ohio communities prone to poor emotional and cognitive health – behavioral and academic struggles. So the Curtis family started a program to regularly distribute non-perishable food to these children.

What is a Champion?

Our mission is to help children overcome disadvantages to become the best champions
of their own lives. Everyone who supports their efforts is a Champion, too.

Ben Curtis knows the feeling of overcoming the odds. In 2003, he rose from obscurity (ranked 396th) to become the first pro golfer since 1913 to win a major championship the first time out.

Eradicating childhood food insecurity starts with you!

We can all play a part in ending childhood food insecurity.

From volunteers to financial sponsors, there’s a way for everyone to get involved in the fight against hunger and truly make a difference.

Start by taking action below.


Volunteers pack Birdie Bags and help out at events.


As little as $50 a year can feed one food insecure child in northeast Ohio.


Financial sponsors
make the work we do possible.

Spread the Word

We can speak at or benefit from your next event.

Taking a Swing at Childhood Food Insecurity in Portage County

No child should worry about when they’ll get their next meal. The Ben Curtis Family Foundation started the Birdie Bag Program to send packages of food and toiletries home with food insecure kids over long weekends during the school year.

It takes a village to eradicate childhood food insecurity, but it only takes one person to begin the fight. Join us!