Helping Children Get Food in Their Stomachs and Off Their Minds

Imagine sitting in school and trying to focus on learning, but you are hungry. This is the reality that many children face today in northeast Ohio. Numerous studies show that when children attend school with full stomachs, they are better able to focus in the classroom. Teachers see hunger in their classrooms every day and are trying to find ways to combat it with their own resources. We knew that more could be done. After much research and collaboration, we learned how best to partner with area schools to bring programs to their students that would work. Thus, our Birdie Bag Program began, followed shortly after by our Birdie Bin Program.

Children holding Ben Curtis Family Foundation birdie bags

Birdie Bags and Bins

Birdie Bags and Bins: The Bin is a pantry at the school, we send food to some middle and high schools and they have a pantry of ready to eat food for their students. We currently serve around a dozen schools, sending home over 2,300 Birdie Bags with those in need and operating four Birdie Bins. To date, we’ve sent home over 60,000 Birdie Bags in total!

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Make a Difference!

You can make a huge difference in the lives of hungry kids when you support our Birdie Bag and Birdie Bin programs. Contact us today to get started in our fight against childhood hunger!