What’s Food Insecurity and Why Are Kids Worried About It?
The USDA defines food insecurity as a lack of consistent access to enough food for an active, healthy life for socio-economic reasons.

How does food insecurity impact young children? Poor health, iron deficiency, developmental risk and behavior problems, aggression, anxiety, depression and ADD.

Let’s help them focus on accomplishments instead of worrying about not having food!
Approximately 83,000 NEO Ohio children live in food insecure households. That’s a 33% increase in household food insecurity since COVID-19 hit.


This bag isn’t just filled with food. It’s a message of care and reassurance to children who worry that there may not be something to eat tonight.
More Than Food – What You Can Help the Foundation Give to Children
In 2013, the Ben Curtis Family Foundation became the only group to give food and supplies as the first step to empower students to have the nourishment and support that inspires them to succeed.

With your support, we assemble and distribute FREE Birdie Bags. Students remain anonymous as they receive these bags filled with meals, snacks and toiletries – discreetly distributed by teachers.
Every December, the Ben Curtis Family Foundation and friends host dinners for students. Along with their families, they enjoy a buffet dinner, pictures with Santa and take-home gifts.

Changes This Year The 2020 Very Merry Dinner continues with a few changes for everybody’s safety. It will be a take out affair with waving Santa distributing gifts.
Your Help is Needed More Than Ever
Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, unemployment remains high. Research shows that families are behind on rent. Remote learning can make it more difficult to receive services provided in schools. Compared to 2019, food hardship is several times higher than before the pandemic.

It’s hitting families with children the hardest.

In 2020 – let’s prioritize what’s important so that children can prioritize their minds and energy into becoming the best versions of themselves during these trying times.
We Believe Every Child Can Become a Champion
Ben Curtis knows the feeling of overcoming the odds. In 2003, he rose from obscurity (ranked 396th) to become the first pro golfer since 1913 to win a major championship the first time out.

Today, the Ben Curtis Family Foundation wants to help every child beat the odds and compete in the game of life.

Help us help northeast Ohio children beat the odds and compete in the game of life.
Give This Holiday So Local Children Can Receive All Year-Round
It’s tough enough being a kid. Let’s take away the anxiety and other effects of food hardship.