What is a Champion?

We are so lucky here at BCFF to interact with Champions every day. 

Each day we are touched by the number of people who care very much to make a difference in the lives of the children, to ensure they are having the basic need of hunger met. They’re passionate about being involved in their community and getting everyone behind a cause that is directly affecting the children in it. Like superheroes, Champions- come in many different forms! (or have many different powers?)


We like to celebrate all of our Champions- whether someone is donating their time, money, services or creating awareness. They keep our mission at the center of their contribution and the children we serve benefit the most from their kindness. 


For three hours on a Wednesday mornings, our team at BCFF is lucky enough to witness our Champions coming together for a cause greater than themselves. They help our us assemble our Birdie Bags, sort food or even clean. For those three hours everyone in that room has set aside their own needs for local children, to ensure they have food over the weekend. 


How do the Birdie Bags get to each school? Our Champions’ Andrew’s Moving and Storage and Metis Construction ensure that Barberton and Kent’s Birdie Bags are delivered to each building when they’re needed. There are also Champions in every school district that drive their vehicle, trailer, van or box truck to our facility to pick them up each month. (was going to list bus but not sure if they’re allowed to do that?)


Working closely with each of the school district Champions we see firsthand what the school administration, teachers and faculty are doing on the front lines advocating for their students who need a little extra help. They teach us about the different needs many students have and we work together to find ways BCFF can help. We rely on their feedback to ensure that children are getting what they need not only in their Birdie Bags but to help the whole child. 


One common theme in all of the communities we serve is that they care about the children and their future. Through our Community Champions we have been recipients of community food drives and third-party events. Once they know about the issues children are facing (if they don’t already) many businesses and organization go above and beyond to lend their support and bring awareness in the community about child food insecurity and how to help fight it.

What makes this all possible?

The generosity of Champions who have given monetary donations to allow us to help local food insecure children. We couldn’t carry out our Birdie Bag and A Very Merry Dinner program without it. We are grateful for the support of our many donors and it is helping us change lives, one Birdie Bag at a time. 

We would not be able to do what we do without the support of our Champions. Whether it is their time, money, services or awareness- we couldn’t do it without them. We believe our champions truly care about our mission to help children become the best champions of their own lives and are proud to work alongside them.  

Become a Champion

Do you want to get involved in the fight against the childhood hunger in Northeast Ohio?

Get in touch with our team. We are always in need of volunteers, donors, sponsors and community partners to help us fulfill our mission of alleviating child hunger in our community.